About Us

What began as an "Empty Nest" Ambition, Two Grateful Souls became a business reality in 2021. Two Grateful Souls behind the name are Kim and Ben Bate. Kim has a love of repurposing and vintage items. Rust is her gold! Ben has a passion for woodworking and sawdust in the air. Both have a love of Jesus Christ and a desire to live a life that is centered on and shines a light on Him.

After many years teaching, Kim left the classroom as a full time elementary teacher to pursue a joyful creative life change God had impressed on her heart. With full support and encouragement, Ben was ready to take on a side business with her in addition to his full time job as a lead generator technician.

The goal of these Two Grateful Souls is to shine a bit of hope, joy and light in your life with creations inspired by joy and creativity God has given to them in their life.